Training Academy

The Training Academy is housed within a G+2 building in Riyadh and functions as an extension of a Government Ministry’s existing offices. The facility will focus on and provide continuing professional development to the Ministry’s youthful team.

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The English College

The design concept has been developed around respecting the heritage of the existing English College design and massing and focusses on creating a diverse new specialist academic block adjacent the existing academic block as well as a new landmark fitness and wellness block anchoring the South-east end of the site. The form and architectural treatment of the new academic wing and sports complex ensures that the buildings change hour by hour as the sun moves round and shadows constantly change.

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King’s Ely Octagaon School

Fundamentally the concept design for the campus and school creates a narrative through a series of interior and exterior spaces of varying scales. The design is aiming to provide a sense of the UK campus through a series of plazas, avenues and squares both on the ground floor and distributed vertically throughout the academic blocks.

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