Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

Stage 3
Spatial Coordination

The purpose of Stage 3 is to spatially coordinate the design before Graphite’s focus turns to preparing the detailed information required for manufacturing and constructing the building.

Agree Procurement Route and Form of Contract

Impliment and Manage Change Control Process

Value Engineering / Buildability / FM & Sustainability Reviews

Prepare Permitting & NOC Matrix

Coordinate BIM Model

Green Buildings & Sustainability

We provide technical guidance to ensure projects meet relevant statutory green-building requirements, and align project objectives with clients’ sustainable aspirations. We promote reduction of energy consumption by implementing strategic energy-efficient measures, where possible replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources or cleaner fossil fuel technologies.

Value Management

Genuine value management is at the heart of our core design services – our experienced team analyse and interrogate projects through all stages to attain the best possible outcomes in relation to time, cost and quality. We provide design & peer reviews to enhance and streamline operational functionality.

Our design and delivery teams also undertake technical audits that comprise buildability reviews & ‘true’ value-engineering workshops that focus on improvement of build quality balanced with cost-optimisation. We promote a value-driven approach to cost-management during the design process in order to retain value and protect the client’s asset. Throughout these processes we work pro-actively with the consultant team in developing bespoke and engineered solutions catered to suit the unique project requirements. Whilst being a key component within our full project management offering, we also offer these specialisms as stand-alone services.