Master Planning

With a focus on creating vibrant and sustainable urban environments, our master planning services involve collaborative efforts with communities and stakeholders to design spaces that promote connectivity, sustainability, and an enhanced quality of life.

Executive Architecture

With executive architecture, our commitment to precision and quality shines through. We meticulously oversee the construction process to ensure your project is executed to the highest standards, adhering to the approved designs and specifications.

Architectural Services

Our approach to design is sustainable, contextual and inclusive. We seek to create innovative solutions to each and every design proposal that are entirely appropriate for the physical environment in which they will exist. We place a strong emphasis on researching and responding to the historical and cultural context of our project sites, thereby adding a layer of social depth and richness to our work.

Structural Engineering

Graphites structural engineering team supports our architectural team in reviewing and assessing the most appropriate structural solutions to optimize value and minimize costs. The design team works in tandem constantly coordinating building element interfaces, thus minimizing design review periods and reducing the design program.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical design team ensure that each of our buildings provides maximum comfort, utility and efficiency. in the most cost effective manner. We model and simulate energy usage, heat gains and thermal efficiencies in unison with the building fabric and envelope, driving down costs and driving up efficiencies in the building as a whole at the same time maximizing ROI and the buildings Life Cycle.

Electrical Engineering

Graphite offer electrical engineering design services for all types of buildings. A well-designed electrical installation is a cornerstone for many other building systems, including air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, communication networks, lighting, and office equipment. Graphites electrical engineers can specify an installation that delivers the power required by your building while operating safely and meeting the applicable building codes.

BIM Modelling and Coordination

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, we employ Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance project accuracy. BIM streamlines design, construction, and maintenance, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Interior Design

Graphites Interior Design and FFE specialists are involved right from the very beginning of each project. From concept and narrative stages, our team collaborates to develop holistic environments. While the interiors are being designed, we’re creating furniture shop drawings, specifications, custom drawings, prototype reviews and mood boards that will be inter connected with the spaces.

Specialist Furniture Design

Our specialist furniture design service offers customized solutions to complement your project's unique style. We craft exquisite, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also provide comfort and utility.

Project Management

We take the lead in project management, guiding your project from inception to completion. Our team ensures seamless coordination, cost control, and efficient execution to bring your vision to life, all while meeting deadlines and budget constraints.

Design Management

Design management is our way of ensuring that your project's creative vision is consistently maintained. We oversee every aspect of the design process, ensuring that the initial concept is translated faithfully throughout the project's execution.

Construction Management

Our construction management service ensures that the building process runs smoothly and according to plan. We oversee the entire construction phase, from contractors to quality control, guaranteeing timely and budget-compliant project delivery.

Employers Representative

As your dedicated representative, we act in your best interests, advocating for your project's success. We liaise with all stakeholders, ensuring that your goals and expectations are met throughout the project lifecycle.

Contract Administration

Our contract administration services manage the complexities of project contracts, ensuring clarity, fairness, and adherence to terms for all involved parties. We facilitate smooth project progression while safeguarding your interests.

MEP Services Coordination

We excel at managing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, expertly coordinating their integration to enhance functionality and energy efficiency while adhering to safety standards.

Commercial Services & Cost Consultancy

Our financial experts provide valuable insights, managing costs and optimizing financial resources to ensure your project's fiscal success. We help you make informed decisions that balance budget constraints with project goals.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability is a core principle in our design approach. We offer sustainable design solutions that reduce environmental impact and increase resource efficiency, addressing both ecological responsibility and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a systematic analysis of the functions of various components and materials to lower the cost of goods, products and services with a tolerable loss of performance or functionality. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Graphites team of design and cost experts work in tandem with project stakeholders where a project budget requires realignment, ensuring our clients capital expenditure is optimized.