Hong Kong, HKSAR




Mount Kelly Int. School HK

Design Firm


Principal Architect



17,000 m² (BUA)

Graphite were commissioned for an architectural concept design related to this prestigious development of the British Pre-prep and Prep school on a 12,000 m2 urban plot in Hong Kong’s New Territories. A phased approach will ultimately achieve an at capacity population of 864 pupils.

Mount Kelly International School

The campus is organized into 3 distinct zones: boarding, learning & performing arts and sports. Given the limitations of the plot – both in overall size and geometry – the school is planned both laterally and vertically through the strategic placement of departments and communal facilities in plan and section.

Building on the strength of Mount Kelly’s UK performing arts and swimming programs, the campus is arranged such that the larger school facilities such as the auditorium, black box theatre, studio theatre as well as the sports pavilion are located for efficient access for the pupils as well as the surrounding community, for which there is a co-sharing provision.

Given the challenges of the site, the buildings have been designed to ensure that as much as possible the site is not taken up by the building footprint, and a large amount of external play area is created by elevating the sports pitch and placing the sports facilities under this elevated pitch.

Courtyards and sensitive use of glazing creates an environment that is naturally-lit, allowing for interconnected breakout areas, spaces are open and flexible, encouraging cross-curricular interaction.