Stage 1 - Preparation and Briefing

Stage 1
Preparation and Briefing

Stage 1 is about developing the detail of the brief and Graphite shall ensure that everything needed for the design process is in place before Stage 2. This includes proving that the brief can be accommodated on the site.

Formulate Brief & Basis of Design

Establish Project Controls & Protocols

Establish Risk Register

Establish Development Program

Review Life Cycle Costing & Operational Expenditure

Site Due Diligence & Engineering Surveys

Program Management

Our programme management team consider the client’s project options and business objectives in preparation of the executive programme and overriding project plan. We have the experience to implement and deliver strategies that manage risk, time, cost, and quality on a number of simultaneous, scalable outputs. We maintain control and transparency throughout the project dura-tion and drive value at every opportunity.

Design Implementation

We prepare fully coordinated EIR’s (Employers Information Requirements) in order to create a Common Data Environment, we then manage, interrogate, and audit BIM implementation through out the design process, facilitating a fully collaborative and coordinated, live, and cloud-based, working environment.

Budget Control

Establishing the budget at inception is the first critical stage of the project getting an optimal return on investment is the ultimate objective. We engage with stakeholders throughout the design pro-cess to accurately manage and monitor the development budget. As part of this process we maintain ongoing risk analysis, accurate cost planning and true-value engineering – safeguarding the bud-get without diluting design intent.

Engineering Design & Due Diligence

We have an award-winning team of design experts provide specialist technical and engineering support to the consultant team throughout all design and implementation stages of a project, including initial site feasibility studies, capacity checks and technical due diligence.