Dubai, UAE




Cervin Holdings

Design Firm


Principal Architect



25,000 m² (BUA)

This was an invited competition for the Phase 3 work on the Swiss School Campus in Jadaf, Dubai consisting of a new Middle and High School Academic Block, Arts Centre and Student Housing.

Swiss International Scientific School

The primary focus of the design was to establish a new sense of pedestrian experience by creating both a physical and visual pedestrian experience – tying together the Phase 1 Elementary School and the Phase 2 Sports Pavilion and creating nodes for vehicles at the periphery of the site. Focussing on the creation of a pedestrian realm was critical in establishing an overall campus strategy of blended learning which co-locates learning experiences in classrooms as well as outdoors.

Bisecting the proposed area for the extension created a node for the traditional academic block and a specialist creative and performing arts block including a 600 seat auditorium, anchoring the corner of the site, creating a community node which allows the public to use the building whilst keeping the campus secure for students.

The academic block itself was conceived as a series of occupied bridges wrapping around a central atrium/courtyard, ultimately connecting above grade the original 2 phases with the new phase – again focussing on enhancing the pedestrian experience of the students within the campus.