Riyadh, KSA




Government Ministry

Design Firm


Principal Architect



2,800 m² (BUA)

The Training Academy is housed within a G+2 building in Riyadh and functions as an extension of a Government Ministry’s existing offices. The facility will focus on and provide continuing professional development to the Ministry’s youthful team.

Training Academy

Our design focused on using Biophilia – a sustainable design strategy that incorporates reconnecting people with the natural environment – and Binary Code – integrating the 1’s and 0’s representing the fundamental building blocks of the Ministry’s core work area – as a means to provide a form of design hierarchy and navigation throughout the facility.

Key elements developed with the client are: Arrival Experience, Collaborative Corridors, Technology + AI, Wellbeing, Scholarship and Partnership.

There are a series of 9 lecture theatres – providing learning flexibility through scalable spaces – and numerous collaborative zones across the 3 floors, in addition to team wellness centres and support facilities located strategically to assist the management of the internal environment.