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4,500 m² (BUA)

The Sultan’s School


The Sultan’s School, Oman sits on an incredible 500,000m2 land parcel strategically located between the district of Seeb and The International Airport. The potential of the site and of the school is almost limitless. Already considered the finest bilingual school in Oman, the school has the potential to be one of the very finest bilingual schools in the world.

Whilst the Sultan’s school occupies a magnificently large site, the school are keen to embark on a programme of refurbishment and new build that maximizes the potential of the whole site, rationalizes the usage and adjacencies of buildings and functions and creates a campus that will be amongst the finest in the region and indeed the world.

In 2015 Graphite were commissioned to create a site-wide phased masterplan, which is a critical piece of work ensuring that the potential of the whole site is considered, options are developed and assessed, and a final masterplan strategy is adopted, becoming the manual for development in the short, medium and long term.

​The Phase 01 work is already partially complete and is due for final completion by August 2019.


Campus Wide Masterplan:
– Preparation of site strategy and planning for the whole 500,000m2 site, including a long term phasing strategy.

Phase 01 Works – Refurbishment:
– Year 6 Academic Block – Refurbishment and extension of existing Year 6 classrooms and conversion of other spaces within the block to create a 6FE cluster.
– Library – Primary and Secondary Libraries to create Multi Media Centre. New Entrance Structure to Library
– IB Centre – To support growing IB programme and incoming Head of IB

Phase 01 Works: New Build
– Boarding Houses – Two new houses to accommodate 100 Sultan’s Scholarship Students, including residential accommodation for house parent, tutor and short stay suite

Future Works – New Build
– New Key Stage 1 Building – A new home for Years 1 and 2 in close proximity to the existing Kindergarten Building
– Dining Halls – Refurbishment of existing main hall to become junior dining. Demolition of External Store Blocks and new build of new senior dining hall
– 6no 3 Bed Houses – To ensure that all staff continue be guaranteed on-site accommodation
– Performing Arts Centre – Comprising 900 capacity theatre, Performing Arts Faculty (Drama and Music),
– Visual Arts and Design Centre – Housing 3d and 3d Art and Design Technology (including resistant materials, graphics, textiles, food technology)
– Teachers Centre – A community centre for the teaching staff living on site
– Visitor’s Centre – A welcoming drop-in centre for visitors and parents
– New Support Staff Accommodation – Including a new FM office and workshop
– Sports Academies – Including 50m Pool, Tennis Academy, New Athletics facility, increased sports pitches