Dubai, UAE




King’s Ely Octagon School

Design Firm


Principal Architect



28,000 m² (BUA)

Fundamentally the concept design for the campus and school creates a narrative through a series of interior and exterior spaces of varying scales. The design is aiming to provide a sense of the UK campus through a series of plazas, avenues and squares both on the ground floor and distributed vertically throughout the academic blocks.

King’s Ely Octagaon School

The design and massing focusses on creating diverse academic blocks comprising Primary, Admin./ Performing and Creative Arts/Senior Social Spaces, Secondary and Sports. Parallel spines have been used as an organizing principle on each floor of the Primary and Secondary academic blocks, creating wide corridors which provide abundant opportunities for shared learning and social spaces.

There are a series of open social and shared learning spaces on each floor across the blocks providing opportunities for mixed mode uses, interaction and collaboration. There is typically a common space on each floor of the Primary and Secondary blocks with the Creative and Performing arts spaces located within the central specialist block which reaches out to the JGE community and acts as a lantern to anchor the presence of the school within the JGE community and the greater Dubai context.

Visitors enter the building through a two storey high central atrium which evokes the scale and feeling of a high-quality public building whilst pupils have several separate entrances.

General teaching classrooms are located on the first two floors of the Primary block with Specialist classrooms located on the first and second floors. Within the Secondary block the larger interactive spaces (Library, Dining & Digital Plaza) are located at the Ground Floor, with Languages & Humanities located on the first floor and STEM located on the 2nd floor.