Essence Villa

Design Firm

Graphite International

Principal Architect

Steve Hextall


672 m²

The Essence Villa (4 bedroom Villa) is organized around a central core where the stairscase is located. With natural light coming from above, the luminous core separates the guest areas away from family living spaces. Located in the middle is a preparation kitchen which can serve both spaces.

Essence Villa

A set of sliding doors can be opened to link formal living with formal dining rooms, flowing out to the landscaped areas. On the beach side white canopies and dark grey travertine walls frame the stunning landscape while providing protection from the direct solar radiation. Privacy is further enhanced by the use of thin metal rod screens for the living spaces.
On the upper level a solid bridge connects the core to link together 3 en-suite bedrooms and the large family room. The terrace facing the sea is covered by a floating roof with timber soffit that evokes the marine world beyond.